Allergens and Air Cleaners – A Breath of Fresh Air

The winter time can be the time of the year when Allergy suffers have the worst time. The Indoor Air Quality goes down significantly when you close the windows of your home. If you have a fireplace that you use, the Indoor Air Quality can be even worse. Safe Homes does not recommend the use of fireplaces unless there is a proper way to create a safe Indoor Airs Quality draft for the occupants of the house. This is complicated and requires a professional to design.

An Air Cleaner such as the Austin Airs Cleaner can help reduce the Indoor Air Allergens from everyday living. In the winter time, when you seal your house up to prevent the cold air from entering your house. You are also sealing the pollutants inside your home with no way to exit via fresh air. An air cleaner with a Carbon Zeolite mixture will help remove pollutants in the air and reduce your aggravated allergy symptoms.

I have one client who is so allergic to the Indoor Air Quality pollutants that when she cooks certain foods. She has to run an Air Cleaner to remove the pollutants generated by cooking. You first question is “What are your talking about: Pollutants From Cooking, What is that?” An example of pollutants from cooking is: Nitrogen Dioxide levels can increase during cooking activities with gas.

Cooking foods such as broiling fish, baking lasagna, frying tortillas. And stir frying can produce an average indoor Nitrogen Dioxide level ranging from 30 to 170 parts per billion per the California Environmental Protection Agency. That is why everyone needs an exterior exhaust fan when they cook in the Kitchen. We at Safe Homes always recommend that everyone have an exhaust fan in their Kitchen.

Air Cleaners can be a big help in alleviating Indoor Allergies. Our policy at Safe Homes is to always recommend an airs purifier for anyone with Asthma, Allergies or Chemical Sensitivity. An air purifier will help them create a cleaner purified air indoors that will stop the indoor irritants from becoming a problem. They will help if someone one stops by your house that has perfume or cologne on that you are allergic to. I have some clients that put a sign on the front door of their home which says “No Fragranced Products Are Allowed In This Home”. It is an extreme measure but it is their life and others are impacting them.

In conclusion, if you suffer from Allergies, Asthma or any Respiratory condition. It is important that you monitor your Indoor Air Quality at all times. If you feel that your Allergy, Asthma or Respiratory symptoms are getting out of hand. It is important to seek medical help immediately. I have one client who can go into Cardiac Arrest if she is exposedd to certain types of Perfumes. That is why it is important to seek medical help. Others need to understand that certain Allergies can be life threatening and should not be taken lightly.