Exercise and Physical Activity

People should and must understand the nuance between exercise and physical activity. It will help them to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, thereby, attaining discipline and active living. Dr. David Bassett, Jr. PhD of University of Tennessee, Knoxville says, “Exercise is a specific form of physical activity. It is a planned, purposeful and performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits.”

Human beings are susceptible to eavesdropping and get carried away by the advice of unscrupulous people. There is a popular notion among people that they consider themselves as an expert in terms of medical and religion knowledge. These people are gullible and possess peripheral knowledge. Hence, they become the victim of their own doing. The misconception with respect to exercise and physical activity can become cumbersome practically. It may prove unprofitable health wise, and cause stress and strain in our daily life.

An ‘Exercise’ is a fine-tuning of physical activity, designed to improve the overall health. It is a controlled activity suitably designed with respect to individual’s health and medical condition. It takes into account the fitness level intended to improve an individual’s body and mental conditions. What transpired between an instructor and an individual should be construed within the parameters of exercise and physical activities. It is advisable that exercises should be performed as per the guide lines and in a disciplined manner. These exercises should follow the laid down norms and avoid competition at all levels.

A Physical activity is defined, “As movement that involves contraction of your muscles.” These activities both on schedule and unscheduled are covering our daily routine. It is primarily burning your calories and causes lot of strain on an individual. The activity criteria are depended upon the capability and permissibility of an individual. When it exceeds the permissible limit then besides burning calories, it may cause harm to some part of the body. When it is performed without medical advice or technical knowledge then it is damaging to the human body. It may also create commotion within the mind of an individual affecting the self and people around him.

The physical activity has its advantages and disadvantages. Its psychological and physiological factor affecting an individual differs in gravity and magnitude. Dr. Richard Weiler, Specialist Registrar in Sport & Exercise Medicine, says, “Physical inactivity is the major cause of all fatal diseases.” Therefore, it is of paramount importance that people should pay attention to the tell-tale effects on the body and mind. They should evaluate the outcome of these signals and take preventive measures and avoid harmful consequences.

Generally, people have a tendency to discuss all forms of exercises and physical activities within their own circle of like-minded people. They refrain taking any advice from the reputable persons or institutions and avoid open discussions. The fear of unknown and ignorance combined play havoc among them. This particular act goes unnoticed until the substantial damage affects them. It is always advisable that people should apply logical mind and analyse such acts objectively rather than being governed by subjectivity.

It is, therefore, advised that people should understand the difference between exercise and physical activity. They should also look into its pros and cons subject to individual’s medical examination and conditions. They should shun advice from nonprofessionals and friendly gossips. A little commonsense and regular watch on their health will go a long way in maintaining a healthy profile.

The misconception with respect to exercise and physical activity can become cumbersome practically. It may prove unprofitable health wise, and cause stress and strain in our daily life.