Quit Smoking: Finally, A Breath Of Fresh Air

Quit smoking. You read it everywhere, in fact there has been increasing legislation to promote putting down the cigarette. On the market there are more products to assist one in ending a smoking addition than ever before but there are two key problems. Most people think the alternatives are disgusting and most importantly, they don’t work.

I’ve smoked one cigarette in my life. It was between games at a basketball tournament in 6th grade. My coach gave us the opportunity and it didn’t give me a high or anything. Since I got nothing out of it I decided never to smoke ever again and that’s as far as my personal journey with nicotine went. I consulted the input of those around me to get some more firsthand experience for this article.

Today my girlfriend said, “I know what it’s like to quit smoking.” She was a closet smoker, no one thought she smoked other than in bars with a few beers. Secretly, she would sneak a smoke whenever she could. Once she made the final decision to quit smoking the battle began. She struggled with the addiction for about a year before she finally formed a disgust for the habit. Now she gets a sick feeling every time she smells secondhand smoke. This article is about ending the addiction without having to invest so much time or form a disgust for the actions of others.

Every addiction has an emotional foundation. As the emotional foundation gains strength the addiction strengthens its grip until it becomes relentlessness, seemingly impossible release. The world addresses this action or that remedy but the only way to sincerely and permanently quit smoking is to destroy the foundation upon which it is built. Doing so will quenches the addiction stopping future urges.

Smoking really can be ended over night. It doesn’t require any replacement products, altered states of consciousness, dragging up the past or any other remedy. To stop smoking all that must happen is you stopping. You can stop simply by refusing to purchase another pack but you will continue to fiend for a drag whenever you get the chance. Until you address your emotions the addiction will never let go.

Don’t you think it’s time to realize stopping smoking requires setting down the cigarette. The proper issue to address is the drive to smoke. Emotional attachment creates the motivation so a process must be adapted that neutralizes emotional attachments. Other processes may work temporarily to mask the addiction and the addiction will go away just as soon as the emotional foundation is eliminated. There is no other way to stop addictive behavior completely.