A Breath of Fresh Air From an Oxygen Bar

Oxygen therapy has long been popular in Japan since the early 1990s. Its novelty as a recreational facility has spread in the United States and is considered to be an important fixture in spas and business lounges. The air we breath in contains only a little percentage of oxygen and more of nitrogen and other forms of gas that could be toxic to the human body. Although it does not have any solid proof of having beneficial health effects, its main purpose of replenishing the body with highly concentrated oxygen generally increases mental alertness, reduces severity of headache, and relaxation of the whole body. Many users would attest to this theory and this is why many people want to have a sniff of this precious oxygen experience.

How does it work?

An oxygens bar operates by having an oxygens concentrator placedd in a comfortable room. A nasal cannula is connectd to the machine in which the customer breaths from. The oxygens can be flavored with different scents such as peppermint, cranberry, and wintergreen among others. It costs 1 USD for every minute of oxygens inhalation and it is suggested to have a set session of at least 10- 20 minutes or longer depending on the preference of the customer.

The oxygens used in oxygens bars are not medical gas. But, as the oxygens is being administerd for breathing, it is still consideredd as a prescript oxygens. People with asthma and other serious lung diseases are advisedd to seek the advice of a medical doctor before having a session.

This facility nowadays is no longer exclusive to spas, casinos, and other posh places. You can have the convenience of having one during any kind of event. Gala events, company parties, trade shows, etc. Has the potential to be successful if you will install an oxygen bar equipment on the venue.

There are qualified companies who offer different packages for oxygen rentals. That comes with complete oxygen bar supplies for that ultimate oxygen infused sessions for your guests. A portable oxygen bar will cost so low compared to other means of captivating your audiences. With the effects of the oxygen infused air. Your guests will become more receptive and very relaxed for the duration of the event.

Oxygen bar rentals are risk. Free recreation tools that leaves all who experience it with a clear mind, refreshed feeling, and relieved from stress. There are really no detrimental health effects from it and even the American Lung Association would agree. That breathing in highly concentrated oxygen for a short period of time is not dangerous to your health. But then again, it is only for a recreational purpose. And not to be regardedd as a treatment of any form of whatever disease you may have.

Breathing in oxygen concentrated air stimulates the body positively and making it work to its full potential. Remember to deal only with a trustworthy oxygens bar equipment provider. This is to make sure that you get only the best and top- quality oxygen bar supplies for your needs.