A Fun Kid Summer Outdoor Activity — Plan a Bicycle Rodeo!

A fun summer outdoor activity for kids is a bicycle parade and rodeo. Children love to show off their bikes and riding skills. If they don’t have a bike, they can bring their scooter! Plan ahead for a fun kid summer outdoor activity.

Set the date for your bicycle parade and rodeo. Have the kids make up posters showing the date, time, location and what to bring with them. They will need to bring a bike helmet for safety, and sunscreen to protect from the sun. Have them also bring a water bottle or make sure to provide plenty of water since summers are usually quite warm.

Other items to collect are decorations such as colorful tissue, crepe paper, flags and balloons to decorate the bicycles and scooters. For the rodeo you will need objects to set out like an obstacle course. Items such as cones, hula hoops, jump ropes, garbage cans, and chairs all work well for the bike rodeo games.

On the day of your kid summer outdoor activity, begin with decorating the bikes and scooters. For the parade, you can have kids draw their name out of a hat to see who goes first. Everyone will ride slowly along the area that is designated for the parade. Invite others to come watch and cheer for the bike riders. Plan a healthy snack at the end of the parade to give them energy for the bicycle rodeo.

If you have a large group, you can rotate a group to each event so the kids get to participate in everything. Otherwise a small group can all participate at one activity at a time. Plan at least five different events so there is a variety of activities.

  • Do a relay race to see who is the fastest
  • How about who can ride the slowest without falling over?
  • Do a barrel race around cones or trash cans
  • Ride to a bucket or trash can and drop a beanbag (or any small object) into it
  • Ride to a chair or upside down trash can and pick up a bean bag
  • Ride a specific distance to a hula hoop, get off, hula 5 times and ride back

Don’t forget to have certificates or ribbons for all participates. Take lots of pictures of your fun kid summer outdoor activity.