Importance of Physical Activity For Optimum Health

In our quest for a more healthy mind and body, a lot of our focus is towards maintaining a healthy diet with proper supplementation. A proper diet with a high emphasis on ensuring our bodies have all the necessary nutrients is definitely essential…but it is also just as important to make sure we include some form of physical activity in our quest for optimum health.

Armed with both a properly balanced and nutritional diet…and proper supplementation to help energize the body and fight toxins within…it is also vital that we engage in some form of physical activity to help strengthen and stretch the muscles, reduce stress, and increase our muscle to fat ratio.

While for many, it may appear “easier” to try and maintain good health through diet alone…truth is, our minds and bodies require the stimulation that proper physical exercise brings. A naturally fit body helps all of the vital organs perform their functions optimally…and helps energize and enhance the body’s immune systems.

A body full of energy is vital in the fight against disease and other physical maladies that can affect us on a regular basis. In combination with a proper diet…a body that is physically fit and full of energy, is a potent weapon against the continuous onslaught of potentially dangerous viruses that surround us every day.

What are the best ways to exercise?

Many people feel that if they are not working out at the gym, running, doing aerobics, or some other form of structured exercise, they are not going to get any benefits. While some individuals do enjoy more structured types of exercise ( and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), many of us get bored with gym workouts, aerobics, etc.

The truth is, any form of physical activity that stimulates the muscles a little…is going to provide enormous benefits and wellbeing. Many modern conveniences have had a negative impact on physical health. In many ways, we no longer move around as much as our distant ancestors did. With that said, it is vital that we try to find physical activities that both fit our lifestyles and keep us wanting to come back and do it again!

The more we enjoy an activity, the more we are apt to do it on a regular basis. So the real trick is to try out some different activities until we find some that really appeal to us… Then incorporate those physical activities into our lives. For some this may be more solitary activities such as hiking, biking, walking, or climbing… While others may want to play games such as volleyball, softball, football, soccer, etc.

What are some of the benefits of regular exercise?

Some of the benefits of regular exercise include… Building muscle and increasing strength, lower body fat, better immune functions, and lower blood pressure. Regular exercise is also great for the mind because it can help reduce stress and anxiety. Improve sleep and concentration, and even help increase our academic performance.

A body with the proper amount of muscle to fat ratio is far better at metabolizing food… And drawing out the essential nutrients and energy stored within the food. Once again, regular exercise helps create that muscle tone our bodies so desperately need.

Due to the increased energy that proper metabolism brings… Our bodies become much stronger and more capable of fighting off the countless viruses and diseases that plague many in today’s modern world. Along with an enhanced immune system. A physically fit body also has a stronger heart that is able to flow life giving blood to all the vital organs and muscles much more efficiently… Therefore allowing us to have much healthier blood pressures.

Our minds also benefit from regular physical activity. When we push our bodies in physical pursuits that provide proper muscle / vital organ stimulation. And provide focused concentration towards a physical goal… We can induce certain endorphins within the brain and body that helps to relieve stress and stimulate the brain functions.

Importance of a physically fit mind and body when it comes to utilizing our innate inner healing powers

As discussed at The Abundant LifePlan website. We can utilize our own innate healing powers to rid our bodies of many maladies… And in some cases, even eliminate devastating diseases simply through the power of our thoughts. Without going into too much detail in this article… Basically we can use the energies both within the body. And without to set in motion healing energies that can actually repair damaged cells, tissue, organs, etc.

While “miraculous” healings do occur everyday through the use of our inner powers. It is also vital that we keep our outer bodies in the best condition possible to help our inner bodies to perform their function. As stated earlier, a physically fit mind and body has much more available energy reserves.

In essence, it is the extra energy reserves in the body. That are used to repair the damaged areas in our bodies. Through practice, this “inner body power” can be directed to repair symptoms of disease within the body.

To achieve optimum health…it really is important to maintain a physically fit body full of energy

In truth, a properly maintained and healthy body is the best defense against any disease… And if health problems due come up, a strong and healthy body will help us to recover that much faster.

With that said, it becomes obvious that it is very important that we continually work to maintain our physical bodies. In the best shape possible through proper nutrition and exercise. With a healthy and fit body. We will always have the necessary energies to battle any affliction that may come upon us. And maintain the necessary energies to achieve all our life goals… And thereby allowing us to truly enjoy life to the fullest.