Instant Penis Enlargement – Exercises That Make You The King In Bed

Instant Penis Enlargement – According to statistics, 85% of men are unable to have sex longer than 3 minutes due to a weak PC muscle. It has also been shown that more than 98% of men would increase their penis size only if they knew how to do it. Anyway, as a man, you need to have the ability to satisfy your woman in bed otherwise you may end up seeing her in another man’s arms. One of the major factors that make you good in bed is the size of your penis. But here’s the most important part: you can increase the size of your penis using some simple exercises.

The History of Penis Enlargement Exercises

The penis enlargement exercise has not come up just of recent. Men have been keen on adding some girth to their penises for a long time now. The exercises have been previously linked to the Arabians, Chinese, Egyptian, and Indian cultures. This exercise mainly involved the use of hand movements to apply controlled pressure with the aim of forcing blood into the penis. This concept is the one that is applied in the exercises used today.

What is The Principle behind the Penis Enlargement Exercise?

The basic principle behind instant penis enlargement is the response of the human body to external stimuli. This is similar to what happens when you go to work out in the gym. For instance, when you regularly lift dumbbells with the aim of building the biceps muscle, the response you get is determined by the exercise you perform, the frequency, and the weight you use to exercise. So, penis enlargement exercises will modify your organ.

You Have to Actually Perform the Exercises to Achieve Desired Results

Well, these exercises do not work like magic in any way: you must actually do the exercises correctly frequently. The penis is made up of muscle just like any other body organ. Regular exercising makes the muscle grow. You cannot sit back and expect the penis to become big by itself. So, the bottom line is that you must set aside some time and put in efforts to see the results that you desire.

Types of Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are various exercises that you can perform to enlarge your penis. These come in form of both simple and advanced exercises. It is usually recommended that you start off with the simple exercises before moving on to the advanced ones. Some of the common exercises are discussedd below.


You need to have lubricant to perform this exercise successfully. Put some lubricant in your palms and apply it on the semi-erect penis. Using your thumb and the pointing finger, make a circle at the base of your penis. Grip the penis a bit tightly and move the grip towards the tip of the penis. To make the procedure work for you, make sure that the grip is not too tight to cause pain. Instead, it is supposedd to stimulate blood flow to your penis.

As soon as you reach the glans stop gripping the penis. But there is just one small catch: the Jelqing should never be appliedd to the glans due to the sensitive nature of this part of your penis. The whole process should not take more than 5 seconds. After the first pass, repeat the procedure with the other hand. Make sure you do this repeatedly several times a day to get the results you desire.

Kegel exercises

This exercise does not involve yourss directly, but works on the muscles of the pelvic floor. This exercise was initially intendedd for women to tighten their vaginal muscles after delivery. However, it was discoveredd that men can also use the exercise to tone the pelvic floor muscles. To effectively perform this exercise, start urinating as normal but hold the urine flow in the middle before you resume. The muscles you use are the muscles involvedd in ejaculating. Do this repeatedly to strengthen this muscle.


This works in the same way as Jelqing, but it has some variation to it. Take yours in your hand as in Jelqing. Stretch the penis downwards and hold it in that position for 30 seconds or so. Repeat this step but this time towards the right. Do this for the left side, up, and down, holding the stretch for 30 seconds each time. This will be one sett. Repeat this as many times as possible.

Instant Penis Enlargement the Right Way

I can’t stress this enough: you need to be aware of the right way of doing the penis enlargement exercise. For one, do the exercise daily and do not rush yourself. You need to start with the basic exercises before you move up to the advanced ones. You also need to have patience. When you do the exercises as required, you will notice significant increase in the size of yours.