Physical Activity And You

We all know that exercise is good for us and we’ve all heard that exercising is the healthiest thing to do. You might feel reluctant about exercise thinking that you’ll need to join a gym or buy expensive equipment but in fact, physical activity can be done at a very low cost or no cost at all. Maybe you relate exercise to jogging or any other kind of exercise you dislike, but you need to change your way of thinking. You can gradually incorporate physical activity into your life and make it fun. Physical Activity And You

It might be very challenging for people who have many pounds to lose. If you are suffering from obesity, you might feel uncomfortable exercising around others not being able to bend or move around as easily as they can. Or, you might think exercise will harm you and you’re not sure you can do it but there is a safe way to get physically active. You don’t have to join a fitness center and you can start moving at your own pace right at home. Inactivity is risky and you can hurt your body even more by not exercising.

Don’t be scared with the idea of exercising.

Physical activity doesn’t need to be a super highly-disciplined effort. Start adding activity a little at a time throughout your day. Be active at home while doing your house cleaning, try walking with a friend, rake leaves, mow the lawn, just be imaginative and find ways that will get you moving more. Exercise to a work-out video, dance, find something you will enjoy and make sure you feel comfortable with the activities you choose.

Set yourself up to success.

If you want to stay motivated, try adding variety to your physical activities and make sure you exercise on a regular basis. Just like any other habit you might have, you need to make exercise a part of your daily routine. There are many other ways to spark your motivation;

-Start by setting up short term goals that are achievable.

-Plan ahead of time and be creative.

-For extra encouragement, exercise with a friend.

-Exercise to music and make it fun.

-Find an exercise that you can manage and that fits in with your schedule.

-Track your progress and don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve.

If you put your mind on being active and focus on improving your health, you will succeed. Just knowing that exercise will improve your health can be a great motivator to keep you physically active. For most beginners, the hardest is to get started. Remember, exercise does not need to be strenuous. And it should not be something you dread so pick an activity that you will enjoy. You can benefit from moderate exercise if you make it a regular. Permanent habit that will become part of your life.

Choose an exercise that will be appropriate for you. If you can’t accomplish an activity the first time, don’t put yourself down. Don’t be too hard on yourself and start at a level you can manage by working your way up slowly. Especially if you have been inactive for a long time. Allow yourself time to develop skills you need for an activity to become enjoyable. As your body gets stronger and you become more fit. You can then increase your activities to keep them more challenging.

Start by increasing the amount of time you spend doing an activity, like for instance. If you start walking 10 minutes a day on your first week. Gradually lengthen your walks to 15 minutes the following week. Eventually you can start walking faster and increase your walks to 18 minutes.

If you want to gain health benefits. You should engage in moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day. If you’re not able to do it all at once. Just break them down into three 10 minute work-outs throughout your day. If you can stick to your physical activities for at least one month. You will be on your way to making exercise a regular, permanent habit. Being physically active will make you feel great. More energetic and once you start experiencing the health benefits of exercise, you won’t want to stop.