Bring That Needed Fresh Air to Your Kitchen With a Makeover

Many of the flats these days have quite a small kitchen. This is so different from the big apartments that were available years ago. Overcrowding I guess it’s a reality nowadays. The problem with small places is that they get full and crowded very fast. People like to accumulate all sorts of stuff and eventually it becomes way too small to handle all that. Luckily with a bit of planning and work, you can give your kitchen a nice makeover that will freshen it up and make it a really usable and livable place again for you and your family.

One of the first things you should do is change the place of your tools and appliances so you can manage them better. Doing it properly will enable you to have again place in your space right away. Of course you can also replace an old. And bulky fridge with a new one which is tall and supple and takes less space.

Which brings me to the next point: vertical space. We all tend to forget the space above our heads and there is plenty of it around. Try to make that place usable. There are some kitchen cabinets that are really reaching up to the ceiling, so use that space! Also use cabinets that have glass or clear plastic doors to make the place look more open.

You can install a corner booth that will simply open up half of your dining space to allow for more storage. You could also build a table that has drawers below it which allows you to store more items in it. Have a nice tablecloth on it so it hides the drawers and nobody will ever notice them. The space below your table is golden to be used for saving space and many people overlook it completely.

Also don’t forget that a kitchen makeover doesn’t only mean making more space. But also making it prettier and nicer to be in. If you have one of those old ugly plastic garbage cans that you’re trying in vain to hide away behind a curtain. Get rid of it and get yourself one of these sleek touchless trash cans. That are so popular and modern nowadays. They are truly something to look at and nothing to hide behind the counter. And the fact that you actually don’t have to touch them to throw away the garbage is a major plus for anyone in your kitchen!

There are plenty of ways to give your cozy little room a nice makeover and all you need is start. The rest will come all by itself, just let you eyes guide you.