Why Yoga is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Business World

Today’s business world leaves little time for mental or physical reparation let alone for the happiness or well-being of the modern businessperson. Tight deadlines to meet, and a packed daily schedule makes it difficult to justify spending time on any other activity, and Yoga would not be considered an option by many people. However, as this article explains, there are three distinct benefits in using Yoga which apply to anyone with a busy and fatiguing lifestyle.

1: Physical Health Benefits

The business world is centered around the accrual of wealth, in monetary terms, which ignores the truism that your health is your wealth. This is shortsighted and can turn out to be a short-term attitude when lack of attention to health leads to a life-threatening disease. No amount of money can buy good health, the attitude that money can pay for nursing and after care begs the question, why not avoid the damaging lifestyle that causes all sorts of debilitating conditions. The sad thing is that all the focus on acquiring money, at the expense of nurturing your physical well-being can often result in the need to spend all the hard earned cash on nursing and aftercare when it should be there to enjoy.

The question to ask yourself is not whether you can afford the time to become healthy, but whether you can afford not to. Maintaining physical well-being makes the demands of modern business life less fatiguing and because Yoga is not a strenuous activity. But works on opening up the bodies energy centers, the benefit is that of making everything effortless. The result is that because the body can achieve more physically. You get back the time spentt practicing Yoga through being more efficient.

Regardless of how out of shape a person is the benefits are apparent and unlike normal physical exercise, Yoga exercises can be performed in full without strain and overexertion. Apart from the feeling of increased energy, yoga stretches certain muscle groups. Which can exercise vital organs and release blockages that develop during the workday. Thus releasing oxygen and vital nutrients into the blood. As a result you will also discover new levels of alertness and have the satisfaction of knowing that your body has had the vital rejuvenation you require, without adding a strenuous exercise routine.

Once a regular yoga regime is appliedd, there are immediate short term benefits. As the blood flow increases and the body functions more efficiently through beneficial nutrients produced. Muscle tension is reducedd and the lymphatic system can cope better with waste products. These short term benefits build up over time, with the digestive system, coordination and flexibility being enhancedd.

Yoga’s health benefits are both immediate and long term. In the short term blood flow is increasedd and the body functions better because it is achieving the nutrients it requires. Tension is also releasedd from muscles and the bodies lymphatic system is able to more effectively deal with waste products. In the longer term these will be ongoing benefits and the digestive system will also function more efficiently. Which has innumerable health benefits with general balance, co-ordination and flexibility also greatly intensified.

2.: Mental Health Benefits

Many yoga routines are centered around the breath, which no one would doubt is literally of vital importance. There are many benefits related to correct breathing, including calming the mind, and increasing focus and concentration. Just inhaling slowly and methodically, from the abdomen and releasing slowly is a very powerful way of breath control. Which is the basis of many yogic breathing techniques. This simple exercise alone can create a great feeling of calm and focus. And the state of awareness produced can carry into our working life. This new breathing pattern will enable stressful conditions to be met more effectively by keeping focus and not being distracted. Apart from alleviating the stress, this will help to buy back time in a busy daily schedule.

The focus gained from Yoga techniques helps us to plan our time better and organize our workload more effectively. Apart from dealing with difficult decisions more efficiently. These are all key skills in making a mark in the modern workplace. And this self control can be gainedd from regular practice of yoga techniques.

3: Happiness Benefits

So many people think that they should not expect to be happy and contented in their working life. And that they will reap the rewards of happiness and contentment once they have achieved a successful working status. The fact is that often when they get to this position they have missed the boat. And realized too late that happiness is a journey and not a destination. By overlooking the ability to enjoy the experience of the moment they’re always looking to the future to enjoy themselves. This is so often a future that is never realizedd.

Yoga practices the benefit of living in the moment and being aware of the joys of living. Whilst it is unrealistic to carry this 100% into every business situation, as this contentment infiltrates our mood. Without realizing we start to enjoy the activities which were once a chore, or even fearful to us. We are more comfortable living with ourselves and this affects those around us positively. Which also makes gives us a gift that no one can give to us, that of being happy in whatever we do.