How Physical Activity Affects Business Achievement

There are some suggestions that the influence of physical activity on achievement may build over time. There are also findings that show links that exist between physical activity and achievement. Physical education classes are being replaced with other classes in an effort to increase the students’ academic achievement.

Several studies have shown positive correlation between academic achievement and physical activity. The mechanisms by which students may improve academic achievement as a result of increased physical activity through physical education include increased arousal and reduced boredom, which may point to increased attention span and concentration.

It is noted that higher activity levels might also be related to increased self-esteem, which positively could be expected to enhance classroom behavior as well as academic performance. Over a period of time an evaluation of physical education classes, physical activity participation, and academic achievement may provide more concrete information of the their true correlation.

Physical Education can enhance our overall performance in general. Physical Education can also help with a better Body Mass Index (BMI). Our stress level is reduced and we have a tendency to think better when we include the right amount of physical education.

Research studies in the United States have sought to link adolescents’ health decline with that of adult obesity health factors in order to promote preventive measures for children. Those factors associated with adult obesity include hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and metabolic syndrome. They would like to influence a greater awareness in screening adolescents sooner in order to reduce these risks.

These factors are already showing up in children now. However it has not been proven necessary to seek early treatment or prevention measures for children as of yet. Currently not all of the organizational boards associated with these diseases have been able to prove they relate to childhood obesity. Although there may not be a direct connection between obesity and health issues in children. If left alone the problem simply worsens, as the child grows older. Obesity is associated with these health issues in adults. If a child is not taught early how to control weight it will catch up with them later in life.

Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association suggest that physicians focus on children. That are quickly gaining weight, have a history of diabetes, or have high blood pressure. These children would benefit from preventive actions, and could possibly change the outlook of their adult lives.

One social issue I have written about extensively is that which is ongoing in most American school districts. Due to budget cuts. Many schools have had to cut out physical education classes or at least minimize the amount held per week for each child. What message does this send the children? Not only are they not receiving an adequate amount of physical activity. But this has also been shown to lead to obesity and lower academic achievements.