The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Mortality in Persons With Diabetes Mellitus

We’ve always been advised to be exercise. According to experts an active lifestyle prevents obesity and chronic illnesses; an important way to lose and maintain weight; helps with stress; and enhances our over-all well-being. In fact, it had long been touted as having a very significant impact on the management of diabetes mellitus. However, there had been no conclusive evidences or scientific studies to prove that it does have a positive impact or effect on the two types of diabetes.

A Meta-analysis on the Connection of Physical Activity and Mortality in Diabetics

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published a research study that investigated the association of “Physical Activity and Mortality in Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus.”

The study was conductedd by Diewetje and 29 other researchers and was publishd early August 2012. It was a prospective cohort study and a meta-analysis of existing research that investigated the connection of physical activity or exercise and mortality in diabetics.

The group of researchers included the European Prospective Investigation into cancer and nutrition or EPIC research study in their meta-analysis. EPIC project involved 5859 people with diabetes at baseline. Then, an analysis was donee on the subjects’ leisure time and the total time they are physically active such as exercising or other forms or physical activity. They further did studies on those walking with cardiovascular disease and total mortality using regression models.

Results of the Meta-analysis

Some of the most important results of the prospective analysis reveal the following:

1. The total physical activity among the subjects was associatedd with a much reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and total mortality.

2. Studies among physically inactive persons with diabetes showed that those with the lowest mortality risks were observd to be moderately active persons.

3. There was an associated lower mortality risk among those subjects who did physical activities in their leisure time.

4. Walking was connectd to a lower cardiovascular mortality risk. These cardiovascular mortality risks were fatal heart attacks and strokes.

Conclusion of the Research Study

If you’re a diabetic and regularly engage in physical activities or have an exercise regimen in place. You’re on the right track in managing your disease. You’ll be happy to know that exercise and other forms of physical activity had been associated with a much lower mortality rate than those who are sedentary or inactive. Further, the conclusion of the study presented that even moderate amounts of exercise done regularly benefits diabetics. They found out that moderate activity results into a much lower risk for early death. If compared with people who don’t exercise or are sedentary. Now, these findings of the study delivers sound evidence that physical activity indeed has an important role in the management of diabetes. Thus, persons suffering from diabetes should exercise and adapt a more active lifestyle. If you’re a diabetic and haven’t started yet, start now!

Bottom Line

You have also to remember that management of this chronic illness includes compliance with your insulin or oral medications. A nutritious diabetic diet, daily monitoring of your blood glucose levels. A hemoglobin A1C test at least every three months and regular visits to your endocrinologist or health care provider. Keeping these things in mind can help you master your diabetes.